Announcing Hamlet!

Animal Fire Theatre is thrilled to announce its summer production of Hamlet!


“Murder most foul, as in the best it is…”

A young prince loses his father, watches as his uncle usurps him by marrying his mother and taking the throne before him, and learns the secret of how all of this came to pass from a dead man’s lips. How will he find his revenge? What will it cost him?

There is also a very funny bit involving a gravedigger and a skull.

Of course you already knew all that because this is Shakespeare’s best known play, and possibly the most well-known piece of literature in the English language. It’s a meditation on death, a treatise on existence,  and an overwhelming symphony on what shapes our lives as human beings.  Join us in rediscovering why this story has been helping us understand what-it-all-means for over 400 years.

Shows run July 19-22, 26-30, and August 2-5 in Priest Point Park. All shows are at 7 P.M.



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